Los Angeles

/ Tower Design
/ Sustainable Materials

Re-imaging the use of stairs as bracing, egress, social and sculptural element

Timber tower proposal for Arts District in Downtown Los Angeles, allowing the stairs to become a point of intersection inbetween communal and private work spaces.

UpWork challenges the use of stairs in the means of structure as bracing, aesthetics as a sculptural element, and circulation as egress.

The tower is made out of a column and double beam system which allows the floor plates to cantilever and change at every level. The inner staircase acts as bracing for structural stability. The outer staircase alters the rigid grid in the last two bays - catering to the new ways of working. The outer staircase furthermore becomes the facade itself, while delivering quality open shared spaces to the office employees.

Circulation: Stairs also fulfill their main function as an element of egress. The continuous outer staircase starts on the ground floor and ends on the roof, where the staircase becomes a slanted open space.

Special thanks to my studio professor Maria Esnaola at the University of Southern California.